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Coming Soon: The Tragedy of SPARE-TA

I am proud to announce the upcoming release of The Tragedy of Spare-TA!: A comedy of errors.

The new work by promising playwright Claudia Bustachops captures in a few short acts the drama and despair that often runs rampant in America’s bowling alleys.

By micro-focusing on one night at one alley, Bustachops has successfully captured the existential angst that unfolds when top-tiered athletes compete for the biggest slice of pizza.

“A tour de force!” raved Michiko Kakutani. “Irresistably real. I felt the pain just as much as they must have,” said some other critic.

The Tragedy of Spare-Ta!: A comedy of errors, based on real events, will be published in pieces on this site. Keep a weather eye for new installments. We’ll begin immediately with the cast of characters.