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No que no!!! Mexico goes for gold

I told you so!

The worn-out refrain of any Mexico fan is that we are going to win — the match, the tournament, the gold medal. People will always support their teams, but Mexico fans are blindingly optimistic that borders on naïve. We are fanatics. The country can be going to shit but if El TRI performs well (even the u-17), all’s well in the world.

The flipside of that coin is the contingent of naysayers who always think Mexico will lose. The people who think we have a bunch of talent but no idea how to convert it to goals and wins. The low-expectation crowd that isn’t disappointed when we lose and is surprised when we win.

Like my cousin…

That first text arrived shortly after the start of the second half of the Mexico-Japan Olympic semifinal. They were tied 1-1. She says Mexico will play their hearts out but lose, like always. I “politely” tell her to shut up. And seconds later, Mexico scores!!! GOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL de MEXICOOOOOOOO

Eat it!

Mexico will be on the medal stand. The quest for Olympic gold continues.


TRIumphant Olympic return

The Olympics 2012 opening ceremony is this Friday night, but any soccer football fan worth their salt knows that the road to the medal podium started today. The women’s teams got the ball rolling, and men follow suit tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Mexico plays its first group game. Mexico hasn’t been to the Olympics since Athens, and they’ve never medaled. But they’re peaking at a great time — steam-rolling their way to London with key victories in international tournaments (CONCACAF, Toulon, WC U17).

Since NBC realized you can’t “Spoiler Alert” the Internet, it smartly decided to air The Games live, regardless of your position in relation to the Prime Meridian. So for a California girl, like me, that’s an eight hour difference. According to my calculations, that’s 6:30 a.m. I’d normally be pissed at such ludicrous timing. This time around, I’m looking forward to it.

I can get up. Go for an early-morning run. (Who isn’t inspired to get off their fat asses watching Olympians?) Watch the game. Get ready during halftime. And be at work by 9:30 a.m.

Barring any North Korean-style protests, that could be my most productive morning in months.

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