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A case for the nail-biters

Here’s a provocative question: What do you consider more exciting? To see your team dominate from the beginning and never let go or to see them work themselves back from a deficit to win the game?

This occurred to me yesterday as I watched the friendly between Mexico and Venezuela. After a scoreless first half, Venezuela came out and made the first blow. Shiiiiiiit.

Just when you think all is lost and you’re calling your team a bunch of pendejos who can’t even beat Venezuela, it happens. A goal. A tie. A sigh of relief.

It’s what happened in the last 20 minutes that made me want to write this post. It’s why you never rule out Mexico, why you don’t leave the stands early and why you don’t change the channel to the Laker game just yet. They have an annoying* tendency to score back-from-behind goals — not just enough to tie, but to take over leads and even add some insurance. (*Annoying because you can feel yourself getting greys from watching.)

Here’s a tale of two Gold Cups to prove my point. In 2009, Mexico beat USA 5-0. Fast and furious right out the gate (Apparently, it was operatic-level exciting). In 2011, Mexico rallied to beat USA 4-2 (Cardiac-level exciting).

Back to present-day. This highlight video rocks! Do yourself a favor and watch it. There’s priceless running commentary. (P.S. dude, Barcelona won. Any surprise there?)