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How Claudia Estela got her groove back


The season started out promising. I had a personal-best 154 during the first night. It was followed by a couple more 100+ games. Normally, I’d be relishing in my handiwork. But this was the first night of league — the night that establishes averages and handicaps.

I had just single-handedly screwed my team. That is unsustainable bowling for me. There’s no way I could bowl that well or that consistently over the course of the league.

And I was right. After that initial night, I began my downward slide. My average kept dropping: 125, 120, 116, 110. Some nights, I struggled to hit 90.

I’d been wallowing in a bowling funk and dragging the team down. After five weeks, were were steadfastly in second-to-last place.

But last night, I got the bowling equivalent of Taye Diggs in Jamaica. Well, not quite (not at all, really), but I did get my groove back (and a bonus new high score).

And that’s important because the best part about bowling is the strut back after a strike. Right, Jesus?

PHOTO: My latest scores. Note the NINE strikes and SIX spares – that’s half my game.


turkey coma

I haven’t shared this with people… well, because I’m modest.


I’ve just been lazy or flighty or deficient in my attention or comatose from the tryptophan.

But here it is and here’s the proof of the matter.  About two weeks ago, I BOWLED A TURKEY!

gobble gobble

I don’t care if it was pure dumb luck or tenacious skills, I did it and I’m owning it.  I ended this game with a total 5 strikes, two splits, one gutter and a personal-best 146.

ON A RELATED NOTE: In league, the amazing, wish-you-were-us SPARE-TA! is finally out of the gutter.  We moved out last place and firmly into second-to-last place.  I’ve gotten my groove back since this climactic moment of bowling life and it’s definitely helped my performance in league.