Coming Attractions

How do you begin to create a list of things to do, see, smell or experience before you hit a milestone? There’s no rhyme or reason here. The only thing here is stuff that came into my head and stuck to the wall.

Watch 100 Films

I’m going to tackle American Film Institute’s 100 Best movies ever made. The big question here is if I should go with the original list of the late 1990s or the newer one from a few years ago. Luckily, I’ve seen a good chunk of these, so it’s very doable for me to get in a movie or two a week and finish this within a year. Sounds exciting, and quite time consuming. Maybe, I’ll post some reviews, too.

Run LA Marathon

As I trained for my first marathon, I thought I was crazy and vowed never to put myself through that again. But, as most runners know, once you get that first one under your belt, the drive is there to do it again… better, faster. That’s what got me through the training for the second marathon. Then, the unexpected. The second (Nike Women’s 09) felt worse than the first (Honolulu 07). The hills kicked my ass… royally. I swore off marathon distance that very day… until the mostly downhill course was revealed for Los Angeles. As a lifelong Angeleno, I can’t not run L.A.

Find the perfect shade of red

What is more frustrating? Finding the perfect pair of jeans? Finding a free parking spot in Los Angeles? Finding the perfect shade of red lipstick? The latter is a a very delicate balancing act. Too bright, you can look cheap. Too berry-hued, old. Too glossy, drag queenish. Plus, it’s maintenance can be exhausting. What if you go out for drinks and leave half your lipstick on a glass? Or a party and leave your mark on your guests? Personally, I haven’t worn lipstick for half a decade. I’ve opted instead for nude glosses. The quest begins.

Learn an instrument

When I was young, I took piano lessons, but my life as a musical prodigy didn’t last long. My teacher kept yelling that I wasn’t cutting my nails. I was! I couldn’t help that they grew quickly. Back then, the idea of cutting them twice a week was a sacrifice too big to bear. I regret that and I regret that I never took up the saxophone, like Lisa Simpson.

New goal… the accordion! That’s right! I’m going to learn it and rock it like “El Rey del Acordeon,” Cursi or Joan from “Mad Men.” My only concern is that I’ll get tripped up being left-handed.

Pull Up

I have never been able to do pull-ups. Not even as a child when all I had to worry about was holding up 50 lbs. When all the other kids were doing pull-ups for the president’s challenge, I just had to focus on holding myself up. I think I managed 5 seconds. That could have been generous. As a kid, no worries. As a 20-something, it’s just embarrassing.I plan to get it done before 2011. And I have a plan to get it done.

Ride a Horse

I’ve ridden a camel, giraffe and elephant around the pens at the zoo. Never a horse. I hear it’s a thrill. Though I’m scared out of my wits to take any animal outside the comfortable confines of Grade-A fencing, I’m willing to live on the wild side with a horse. I want to trot a trail. To heck with groin pain and the possibility of falling on my face in a dirt track. Now the only question is if I want to have my first time be a one-hour ride or challenge myself to those three-hour-plus-dinner-and-drinks ride.

Shoot a  Gun

I’m a liberal pacifist who doesn’t like seeing people in pain or hurting each other. I know, that doesn’t really jive well with my persona, but it is what it is. I’m freaked out by guns and can’t help but think that if I had one around in my house, I would find some way to shoot it off in the middle of night and take my toes or left hand or, worse still, my wrist with it. And yet, I really really reallly REALLLY want to shoot something.

Climb a Rock

The very first and only time I went rock climbing was inside a gym. I scaled once and couldn’t get over a hump two-thirds of the way up. My belayer did a terrible job on the way down, stuck me with too much slack and I slammed against the wall. All in all a fun afternoon. I spent the rest of the time giving the little 8 year olds the stank eye for showing off on the boulders.

Visit World Wonder

There are so many “Seven World Wonder” lists out there, it’s hard to keep this straight. I’m referencing the latest revision, which includes The Great Wall of China, Petra, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Christ the Redeemer, Taj Mahal, the Colosseum, and the honorary Great Pyramid of Giza. I don’t know what’s going to be easier for me to accomplish–a trip to Rome or India. If I go to Egypt, you know I’m going to hit up Jordan too–make that one a twofer deal.

Run in Central Park

Apparently it’s the place to be if you’re going to run in NYC. And I want to be there doing it too. I’ve seen Charlotte do it on “Sex and the City,” looking fabulous in the cold or with a brew of puppies. I’m no serious runner, well I’m no consistent runner. But I think I can handle a loop around the park sans dogs. Soon I’ll be passing through New York on my way to and from South Africa. It seems like the perfect opportunity to pack my Asics GT-2150s.

See a Broadway Show

For a musical theater nut like me, it’s quite an embarrassment to have to list this item. I have never seen a Broadway show, not on Broadway, off-Broadway, off-off-off Broadway or anywhere near there. Does it count that I eventually see Broadway shows in Los Angeles, San Diego or Las Vegas? When I first heard that Green Day’s “American Idiot” album was getting made into a musical, I shrieked. Must walk on down the boulevard of broken dreams!

Ride in a Limo

Yes, party people. I have never ridden in a limo. Not a classically understated stretch or a monstrous pink Hummer. Plus I need to sip on a cocktail in the backseat and play with the partition to my heart’s delight and my driver’s disgust. At what age are you too old to stand through the sunroof of a limo, yell at hecklers and flash passersby? I’m going to say 30. So that means I still have time to do all that.

Run Great Wall

Why? Because I’m crazy. Could there be any other reason for wanting to run this World Wonder? I’ve stopped running, out of laziness more than anything else. At my peak, I was horrible at running hills. How will my conditioning stack up against this beast? So why the Great Wall? I repeat, “Because I’m crazy.”

Win at Chess

I have played chess once in my life and that was on a Simpsons board. I lost.

No surprise. But I remember thinking, “Had I made a different move early on, I could have won.” It clicked in my head. I saw why people get crazed by the mind games of chess. So I’m 0 – 1. I wonder what my stats will be when I finally get a W.

This will be a tough one to get because it requires to learn/know all the rules and moves that pieces can make. It also requires that I remember the names of all the pieces. Lame.

Take Dance Class

Here there is a big distinction. I’m not talking about swing or tango or waltz or anything that might trickle its way onto DWTS. I’m more interested in getting back to my roots. I took ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop for more than a decade. Let’s see what kind of a hot mess I am after years of tap-shoe disuse.

Bungee Jump

Take a Roadtrip

Ride a Motorcycle

Gamble Something Other Than Slots

ReLearn to Swim

Do a Triathlon

Build a Raging Campfire


Watch Sunrise and Sunset on Same Day

Belt in a Martial Art

Fly First Class

Do Yoga on the Beach

Spend a Day Museum-Hopping

Take a Cooking Lesson


Inner-Tube Down a River

  1. Girl! Next time I return to my beloved City of Angels we’ve got some stuff to knock off your list. First of all there’s a shooting range in El Monte. Maybe we can get a hold of my uncle’s guns (so scary). Clay shooting is so much fun. You can take a lesson and safely wield some serious fire power. Just be warned your shoulder is gonna hurt like a bitch afterward. There’s horseback riding in Griffith Park. We can play Butch Cassidey and the Sundance Kid. I call dibs on Butch!

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