Checked-Off Already

Here I’m keeping a running tab of the stuff I have been able to do and cross off my growing list. There’s a brief intro on why I put it up there to begin with and a link to the posts that discuss it. Enjoy.

Go Whale Watching

Yes, that’s a whale’s tail really teeny tiny in this photo. Though not captured in photos, I saw a lot of activity this day. Spouts of water. Little ripples cresting the horizon. And WHAMMO! a Breach of a mother. That tail shot was on the way back down.

See other shots from my three-hour Monterey tour.

Get a Massage

Less than two months before my birthday, and I finally got a real, professional massage. I actually went all out at the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa and got a hydrotherapy (aka bubble bath) and exfoliation. Needless to say, I’m ready for more!

Check out how I pampered myself.

Visit Canada

My passport was about to expire and I got nostalgic looking over all those stamps. Then I got a little curious. Yes, there’d be a good number of trips to Mexico documented in the book. But how could I have taken TWO trips to South Africa before I even hopped on a plane for a three-hour ride to Canada. That all changed in March when I took my first-ever trip to Vancouver. I know I’ll likely go back. It was a brief weekend, but very cool and the city definitely deserved better than my forgetting to bring a proper camera.

So-so photos from the trip are up on my flickr account. Check them out!

Join a Sports League

When I first envisioned this item. I thought I would dust off my old cleats from the garage or finally make an investment in a left-handed glove. I thought I’d be a serious athelete that’d train for the weekly soccer matches or field balls in the outfield. Not the case. Fate provided another opportunity. I joined a bowling league without remembering that that totally counts. Right? Eff you, if you say otherwise. We have a team name, uniform, weekly games… and, the tell-tale sign of sports leagues, a pizza party at the end of the season! Look for new category: bowling.

Buy a New Car

This is a definite must-do before my 30th birthday if for no other reason than the old girl Rodal just will not last a day longer. Named after my high school French teacher Jetta Rodal, my car is, duh, a Jetta. A 1999 Jetta. I drove it off the lot in West Covina with 11 miles on it. Today, it has well over 175,000. And it is starting to show. Missing mirrors, malfunctioning electronics, cracked bumbers. I still have a tape deck with Morrissey’s “The more you ignore me, the closer I get” single! Definitely, time for an upgrade.

Learn New Language

English, down. Spanish, got it. Latin, in the bag. French, pull it out of my ass after four years of high school.

Now here’s the rub. Should I stick with the Romance languages, which I do so well at, and learn Italian or Portuguese? OR should I shake it up a bit and go for Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Yiddish? OR Should I do what my other half did in college and tackle Ancient Greek?

As I’m finding out looking over my original entry, Arabic was not on my radar. Ok, I haven’t officially learned Arabic yet, but I have begun. Finding the start line is just as important as crossing the finish. And who knows when or where that finish line is located? Is it in Fluency Village? Passable Town? Or Literate-ville? Check out how I progress out of my Latin comfort zone.

See Live World Cup Match

June 12, 2010. That is the day I crossed off this item from my to-do list. The wave of mis compadres and about 85,000 others kept me warm on a very cold day in Soccer City, Johannesburg. The crowd was intense and though, I’m a little sad it was a draw, I’m happy we didn’t come out losers. Now, for the rest of my trip I won’t have to worry about South Africans yelling at me. Perhaps, in that one way, it was for the best.

DIY Project

I think I can handle it. I believe I’m capable. I know it will take me 10x longer than it would someone else. I really want to be able to be proud of my very own handmade project. I’m refurbishing an old dresser. After more than 40 years, this dresser has five different layers of paint, countless nicks and my own personal doodles circa 1980s. Check out my DIY entries.

Run 1/2 Marathon

Ahhh, running. Gotta love it, right? Maybe mildly like it. Following the Nike Women’s Marathon in mid-October,  I trained for my very first 1/2 marathon. I chose the inaugural Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon on Dec. 6. Check out related 1/2 marathon entries.

Bake Brownies from Scratch

I hear making brownies from scratch isn’t much harder than busting them out of a Betty Crocker box. If that’s the case, I’m all for it. I’m not going to make your run-of-the-mill brownies, I’m going to kick mine up a notch–with kahlua! I relish the idea of people salivating over gourmet brownies and saying: These are delish! Please tell me what five-star bakery you bought them at, and I’ll respond, Don’t be silly. They’re not that good. I MADE them all by myself. To which they’ll respond, No, it can’t be. They’re sooo good, and I’ll say, Enough already. I made them. Check out my brownie journey and success.

Host a Dinner Party

Thank you, Jesus! I survived this one!! There were some glitches along the way and one major setback with a dishwasher at the end of the night. It was straight out of an I ♥ Lucy episode—bubbles everywhere! That aside, my big hosting premiere event came off pretty well. CASA Bustamante is now open for business—we do birthdays and Talk Like a Pirate events. Check me out in the kitchen.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Cracking codes, solving puzzles, racing against time and nemeses… who wouldn’t want to do a scavenger hunt? The best part is the prize at the end of the dotted line…. the holy grail, fountain of youth, One-Eyed Willy’s treasure and lost marbles! Let’s hope an evil octopus isn’t laying in wait to smack someone’s ass. You can make your own team of Goonies, you up against the whole world! See how The Ayayayays! did on their first hunt.

Grow Something

Supposedly, nurturing is in our nature. If it’s in mine, then it is very deeply hidden. My experiment in gardening last year barely lasted a few weeks. Had my father not taken over, then we would not have had any grilled squash. I started over with the cutie in the photo: Chamuco el Chia. Three weeks in and I haven’t killed him yet. I’m going to consider that a success and cross it off the list. Can I say my thumb is green now?

See Musical Icon—Live!

Date completed: Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ahh… ma Cher. She’s so cool and fun and exciting and plain awesome. And worth all the jokes. And that’s all you get cuz it happened in Vegas. I’ve already said too much.


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