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A lesbian, a Mexican and a Jew walk into the Metro…

This weekend I took part in the inaugural Metro Art scavenger hunt by CityRace. Race officials had said that it was going to be different from their other events:

1. No one would/could finish the entire thing… so don’t even try.

2. You had to use strategy to get things going.

I took the latter to heart, divvying up responsibilities among my teammates Fresh Coleclaw–Courtney “Fresh” Graham, Mitch “Sassafrass” Cole and Me, The Claw.

First, we had to come up with an awesome name, one that would strike fear in the hearts of our competitors. Enter The Ayayayayays!

Second, we needed a uniform. We had the name and now we had to look fierce too. Orange t-shirts and UNAM Pumas bandanas.

Third, we rationed our sustenance–mixed nuts, granola bars, water.

Fourth, I scheduled a pre-race bathroom trip at the Biltmore hotel. Yes, I penciled in pee time. Sue me. I didn’t want our chances of taking top spot ruined by a potty break.

The race officials didn’t lie. It was really tough! The bulk of the race took place along the Red, Purple, Blue and Gold lines. And yes, Pepe made the cut!!

Let me just give you a hint of what we had to deal with.

“How many human figures are visible in the tile painting, The Making of the Station?”

“What oversized edible object is directly in front of you as you exit the station from Clue #3?”

“Six suspended bodies float high above the tracks in this station, including one wearing a blue shirt. What number is printed on the blue shirt?”

Plus these crazy bonus questions to find the names of stations not included in the hunt:



Even with all that, I definitely thought it would have been possible for The Ayayayayays! to complete the entire 34-question hunt in 3.5 hours. It would have, could have and should have happened if A) we kept to a simple out-and-back strategy and B) weren’t stalled by 12-plus minute waits at most of the stations.

Sadly, we didn’t finish. We went to 10 of 19 stations. Guessed on all the rest. Lost points being late (stupid 12-minute metro waits and wrong Pershing Square exit). Earned points on the bonuses.. and still made the Top 10–Seventh Place, to be exact!!

Would I do it again? Of course! Why? For the thrill of finding our first clue…

To see more of our hunt, check out my Flickr set.


Presenting… The Ayayayayays!

I’m going on my first-ever scavenger hunt tomorrow! And I’m super excited. If you’re intrigued by the title of this post, well, that’s our team name. The inspiration: Xena, Warrior Princess. She’s awesome. She’s fearless. She rocks the leather look. She has lesbian tendencies. Who wouldn’t want to take that on.

Back to the hunt. It’s going to be a trek through LA’s subway stations, scouting out the best art pieces. I’m a pro when it comes to Red Line art–hanging bicycles, Spanish tile, provocative emoticons. That’s right, pro-voc-a-tive.