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Spa Results In: Thumbs up

I survived and thrived from my first Spa Day.

Benefiting from an impromptu stop at the Monterey Visitor’s Center, I found a coupon for the Vista Blue Spa at the Monterey Plaza.  I got a complimentary 25-minute hydrotherapy treatment.  Sweet!

A quick look at their brochure revealed this was a $60 deal.  Even sweeter!

They had three different options: (1) a calming bath with seaweed extract, (2) a lavender rose and grape seed bath and (3) one with arnica, rosemary, and other oils for muscle tension relief.

Let’s fast-forward.  I got none of that.  My “private hydrotherapy ritual” was really just a bathtub with bubbles.  I had a little tray with fresh fruit and some tea.  I also had a good view of the bay.  And jets.  That was nice.  But in NO WAY was that worth $60.

But it was free, which means that I’ll count it as a blessing.

Next on my spa agenda was a custom massage.

Considering it was my first-ever, I thought it best route instead of saying, give me the Deep Tissue.  Oh, and I got a pineapple papaya exfoliation.

The results were POSITIVE!  I wasn’t in intolerable pain.  My back and neck survived.  I didn’t have to hold my breath or breathe through the hurt.  Though, there was one hiccup.  My forearms.  They hurt.  Weird, right?

So, now that I’ve had a spa experience, I’m ready for another one.  I want to be wrapped in something, ooh, or some hot stones. Who’s in?

PHOTOS: View of Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa on Cannery Row and their hydrotherapy room.


Spa Day at Vista Blue in Monterey

This morning I’m going to cross off the massage from my list of to-dos.  I’ve never gotten one and the main reason is that I’m a wimp.  Sure, my shoulders carry a lot of stress but just rubbing them out hurts so much.  I squirm in massage chairs.  I flinch every time my manicurist gives me a little arm massage.

Actually, she was the one who once said I was crazy.  How would I be able handle full-body massage here?  With a little liquid courage, maybe?? At 8 a.m.?

To be determined…

UPDATE: Determined