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Announcing the birth of Chamuco Long Neck

Hello Claudia, welcome to the 1980s. Yeah yeah, I took my time, but I finally got my first chia pet. And I must say after a couple decades of watching hair magically grow on TV to the tune of “Ch-ch-ch-chia,” this business is actually more complicated than I thought. I literally had no clue how chias worked. I just thought you smeared something on it, left it in the corner and voila! full head of hair/fur/beard. I thought they were as much a no-brainer as sea monkeys.

Apparently, one has to put some work into it. That’s what delayed this arrival. First, overnight soak. Second, another hour-long soak for the seeds. Then, smear them on. Lastly, wait for the magic to happen. Ok, so the directions sound simple and straightforward and I feel a little foolish arguing otherwise. I’m going to call that the byproduct of this instant-gratification-tech world we live in today.

…But as a throwback to one of the best decades of my life, when the extent of my cares was naming all my Barbies and wearing the right colored leotard to dance class, I’ve named my new pet Chamuco Long Neck. What up Land Before Time fans… you like? I know you’re out there. Don’t pretend you’re not.

Chamuco has had a blessed life so far. Great views. Cool climate. Plentiful watering holes. That’s more than a lot of things in nature. He’s doing alright for himself and I have so far not killed him. According to the directions, it’ll take three to four weeks for Chamuco to fully mature. I look forward to a long and healthy life with my pet.

And now indulge the proud mama… here are baby photos of Chamuco

An hour old:

A couple hours old:

One week old:


my dream undelivered

I started a new job and lost all track of personal time. For the last three weeks, I’ve done nothing but live around my schedule, my commute and my growing list of DVRed shows. That’s when I realized to my horror that i had not updated this bad boy in a very long time. I won’t bore you with details that are super old. So, here are some highlights:

I will say that I did run in that Great Race last weekend. Just the 5k. But no embarrassment here. There was a sizeable group that came in after me. Plus entire races were going on at the same time so I could easily blend in and pant as if I just crossed the 1/2 marathon finish. Whatever, I still got a medal.

I booked my domestic South Africa flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town. It was a little over $240… not bad, considering the circumstances. To date, this little vacation has cost me almost $3,500!! And I’m not done… still looking for some cheapo accomodations in CT. And let’s not forget my discretionary funds once there. Pinotage and Castle!!

I also have in my possession the cutest bald terra cotta dinosaur. Soon, it will magically grow a luscious and thick green grass fro. My very first chia pet! That’s a weekend project. Poor thing has been sitting in a box on my dresser for weeks.

…and speaking of my dresser, I realized that I never uploaded photos of my finished product. That’s a major faux pas on my end. I’ll put that on my to-do list for this weekend. Right after cleaning my room and dusting the dresser, take photos.

Now that I seem to have settled in a routine at work, I hope to be much more consistent about this. It’s just not cool to be so tardy.

Stuff I’m Doing

I’ve just created a new page on this blog that’s going to keep a tally of the stuff I plan to do. It’s conveniantly called: The List. So far, I’ve listed five items. Some of them have firm deadlines, like the Las Vegas 1/2 marathon or the LA marathon. Others will probably take me two years to accomplish (learning the accordion?).

I’ll be adding to The List frequently and when I’ll do, I’ll add a new post.

Check it out! I’m always looking for new ideas.