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It’s been awhile

But I can still remember

Just the way you taste.


See what I did there?  So clever.

My flash-from-the-aughts lyrical shoutout has double meaning here.

First, BACON pancake cupcake!!! Had it earlier this month and, yes, I can still remember how it tastes — like bacon and pancakes and maple syrup.

Second, it has been a long while since I’ve posted. Summer, though, brings renewed commitment and a ton of ideas.

And now, Staind …


Oh what a beautiful morning!

The sun is shining.

The birds are singing.

Alright, presently as I write from the Los Angeles area, neither of those things are happening. It’s wet and overcast outside my window. But it’s still a beautiful morning because today—on this glorious Easter morning—marks the end of my bacon fast.

Oh happy day!

Where to begin? Should I drive to Denny’s for their maple bacon sundae? Should I track down that food truck that serves bacon-shelled tacos? Should I join the Bacon-of-the-Month club?

Or should I just go old-school and serve up some bacon on the side of my breakfast?

Oh the possibilities!

PHOTO: That’s not me eating a baco from Lardon’s. It soon will be.

Bacon Watch OVERDOSE Days 31 and 33 and 34

It’s a bacon palooza! Aren’t you happy??!! Ok, I’ve been awful at keeping up with the daily bacon onslaught this weekend. To make amends, I’m throwing everything at you today.

Starting with Bacon Watch Day 31 aka Friday

I got an email from my colleague about the Bacon Calculator. In essence, it breaks down how many calories and grams of saturated fat are in one single slice of bacon. Here’s the rub: you think that bacon’s so bad for you which is why you won’t touch more than a slice at a time. But, in fact, some of the things you are looking at stuffing in your face are far worse. Consider the above Chili’s bbq ribs = 26 bacons.

Read the piece here on the HuffPo.

Bacon Watch Day 33 aka Sunday

Nothing rings more true than when the hunky Old Spice Guy tells you so half-naked in a towel. And what he tells me here, via @GeorgeGSmithJr is that the destruction of a bacon factory is VERY bad news.

Bacon Watch Day 34 aka Monday

Another present from a colleague: The ultimate pheromone. Those Taco Bell commercials had it right… There’s no sweeter smell than the salty, savory bacon… MMMM…

I wonder, if I buy this and wear it, will people notice I’m wearing bacon perfume or just that awesome that I naturally exude the scent??

PHOTOS: chili’s equals how many bacon strips? Old Spice Dude and bacon fragrance

Bacon Watch Day 30

Today I got some amazing news that leads me to believe I’ve been holding Denny’s in a harsh light for too many years.

Yes, I said ‘Denny’s.’

Denny’s — that land of the American Slam and Chicken Fried Steak — is now the proud home of the Baconalia!!!

I’m going to give the people of Denny’s marketing a thumbs-way-up for coming up with such an ingenious name for a full-on feast of bacon.  My assumption is that it’s a direct play on the Bacchanalia, the Roman feast of Bacchus, of Dionyssus, god of wine, ritual madness and ecstasy. All terms that I can too-closely relate to bacon, a delectable byproduct of the centerstage pig-on-platter.

Oooh, maybe that’s how people first discovered bacon?? Picture it:  During an all-night, raging Bacchanalia, the people dig into their pig and promptly pass out for days. When they wake, they find the remaining meat has been cured into bacon. It’s a Dionysian miracle!!!

Back to the Baconalia. They have nine items on their menu. Some are obvious breakfast items with an extra side of bacon, but they also pepper some bacon in pancakes, on meatloaf and — the grand finale — on top of an ice cream sundae.

Oh, please, dear Dionysus, keep the Baconalia alive and well until April 24!! Lent can’t end fast enough.

PHOTO: The Bacon Pyramid at Denny’s

Bacon Watch Day 29

Yep, she’s got bacon on her mind! And it makes for one of the cruelest mondegreens ever experienced.

I’m in my office where I presume I don’t have to worry much about running into a plateful of bacon. No worries, that didn’t happen.

So I’m in my office, walking towards the window when my eye catches something.

It’s so preposterous and so insane that I think for a second it must be true.

On my colleague’s desk is an invitation to the Community Bacon Awards!!!

Obviously, I know now that it doesn’t say “Bacon.” But man, those would be some great awards…

PHOTO: Bacon, beacon… same difference

Bacon Watch Day 22

In honor of bowling day, I’m bringing out an old-school bacon taunt from my THIS IS SPARE-TA!! teammate. Originally, I didn’t want to share this because I’m embarrassed to admit that I wanted to join. I had planned to do so on the sly and, therefore, no one would judge me because no one would know.

Now the bacon’s outta the box. [new phrase > something about a cat and a bag]

I will not be ashamed. And if my budget allows, I’ll soon be a bacon-of-the-month member.

I’m currently looking at both BAC’N and Bacon Freak. They’re both relatively equal in their line of products. There’s the obvious bacon clubs that just serves up the delicious meat. And there’s also an extra-large dose of novelty bacon products.

Interested in some bacon popcorn? Got it. How about a wallet braided out of raw bacon? It’s there too. Or set the mood with some bacon-scented candles?? All your needs are taken care of… and then some.

PHOTOS: banner from website and a picture of their flavored popcorn.

Canadian Bacon Watch Day 19

Sadly, my trip to Vancouver ends today. Even a long weekend seems short in this City of Glass high-rises. Yesterday, apart from having a few mishaps on my bike, I traveled around the sea wall in style. We started at Granville Island and walked through their market. That’s where I found the above: Bacon Tomato Salt! How delicious does that sound?!

I would sprinkle this on everything and anything. As you can see to the right, there’s regular old Bacon Salt too.

Dude! This, right here, is why I can no longer make fun of Canadians.

The city and the food has earned my respect and the fact that they have serious political uprisings has made them cool, even, in my eyes.

What I didn’t get to try last night and what I’m hoping to be able to do today is take a sip of some maple beer. That’ll just cap off a great weekend.

PHOTO: Flavored salt sold at Granville Island’s market in Vancouver.

Canadian Bacon Watch Day 17

As we like to tell the kids in schools, ‘No excuses.’ I know I’ve been remiss in my duties to update this blog, but life happened. I had other things to do. Some would say that my professional life should take precedence. In this case, I agreed. I put my bacon watch on the back burner (ha… just got that) and now I’m ready to resume it.

And, this is a two-fer. In the spirit of doing more with less or just the good ol’ Canadian sustainability and resourcefulness, this post is both Bacon Watch and a chance to update the masses that I’m IN CANADA! eh?!

Honestly, my first impressions were exceptional. After an annoyingly complicated journey (kicked off by my furious fast-paced packing an hour before I had to leave), I finally arrived in Vancouver. Check out that photo above. I was welcomed by a freaking museum installation, complete with nature calls. Passed by a waterfall with another marvelous touch of Native American art. Breezed through customs. Got my first Canadian passport stamp. And, the kicker, saw Quannicus 🙂

I chose to stay at the most “art-full hotel in Vancouver,” also known as The Listel. So far, so good. But I’ll give my full recommendation at the end of the weekend.

For now, it’s time to get some Canadian bacon! yeah right! Though, it is on every menu I’ve seen since I arrived.

By the way, it’s freezing here. I may be judged for overpacking, but I honestly don’t think I brought enough to deal with this bone-chilling weather. If you’re going to rain, just rain. Otherwise, warm up! It’s spring here too, right?

PHOTO: Soaring art eagle in Vancouver International Airport.

Bacon Watch Day 8

Yesterday I was able to avoid temptation by ‘avoiding’ a healthy meal.

I knew that the salad bar had bacon and in order to avoid that, I opted for the much ‘healthier’ Panda Express. Hell YEAH!!

Today, I stared temptation straight in the face… and stared a little too long. I walked right past the bacon and turned around and walked by again. I was about to put a little bit of the crumbies on top of my salad when I eyed the sprouts and went with those instead.

Success at the salad. bar.. but just barely.

PHOTO: The bacon kicking it next to olives, chopped green bell peppers and god-only-knows what else. I’m coming after you in a minute.

Bacon Watch Day 6

This naturally grows from my Day 5 posting about the Lardon Food Truck. I didn’t really peer into their menu yesterday, and I wasn’t going to snoop around until I had a conversations today about their BACON Tacos. DELISH

Not only do they have the staple breakfast bacon dishes and the taco shell made out of bacon, but there’s also bacon hot sauce, bacon dipping sauce and a bacon nutella brownie. And I thought I already stumbled upon the best-ever brownie recipe!!

One week down. One week strong.