My blog

Founded in 2009, ¡VIVA me! is a blog that celebrates human life and achievement. It is about being proactive, charting your own course, sharing your journey.

¡VIVA me! provides exclusive news and commentary on the tasks I have set for myself before I turn the big 3-0. I plan to sprint toward my milestone and am more than ok falling on my face a few times. That’s what makes it bearable and funny.

My List

It is what it is. You can search for stuff I’m doing or attempting to do through the categories. Also, the “Coming Attractions” page has stuff I want to do and “Check-Off Already” gives a little recap of what I’ve already done or fudged enough to put in that column. I’m always interested in taking suggestions and nothing is in any particular order. I’ll do it, if I do it, when I do it.


My name is Claudia Bustamante and I’m game for most things. I draw the line when I can visualize a painful and embarrassing obit. Something along the lines of… “She died after entering an amateur sword-swallowing contest” or “speared by the raging bull during her turn as rodeo clown.”

I’m a 20-something who has lived in the Greater Los Angeles area for most of my life. Born in the Valley, raised in the Valley, educated over the hill at UCLA and down the freeway at USC. I spent a blink of my life away from the city in Riverside, Calif. Luckily, I’ve also been able to get my kicks from world travel and have lived in Mexico, which I consider the polar opposite in terms of culture and energy to the inland city. Though unlikely before my 30th birthday, I still hope to travel to every continent, exploring new cultures and myself too. So if you’re interested, I’m a great travel buddy. I have references who can vouch for that.

  1. I love this blog! if you ever feel like traveling through the middle east, I’m so game

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