Monthly Archives: December 2012

Coffee, at last. Thank god almighty, I’ll have coffee at last.


I’m pleasantly surprised I made it as long as I have without coffee. It’s been 10 LONG days. Now, I’m on my way to San Francisco with the cold, crisp air and wet holiday season. Just look at that photo: it SREAMS coffee. I think it’s time to indulge.

Now that my coffee fast is officially over I can be a little retrospective. I did not suffer from crippling headaches. But I have had this persistent (yet minuscule) annoyance, which I now think could have been one long headache. Funny right?

I was ridiculously tired and brain dead the first couple days — like I was starring in my own zombie apocalypse.

Then came the cranky behavior. Every little thing people did annoyed the bejeezus out of me. And those things that normally piss me off were magnified to the nth degree: cutting me off on the freeway, holding elevator doors open, not returning my “good morning” salutations during morning jogs. Bullshit. All of it.

With the return of coffee, I’d be interested to see if my mood improves.

Here’s hoping.


Coffee goes well with …


I live in Los Angeles so it never gets super cold. The few times it has snowed here have been front-page affairs. (I count two times.) Nevertheless, to my standards, it is cold here in the winter. And between so many holiday parties, tree lighting ceremonies, skating outings, etc., the thing I want the most is a nice cup of coffee. A warm mug against my cold hands. A decadent aroma inhaled that enlarges my heart three sizes.

Without it, I’m feeling a tad Grinchy.

PHOTO: Tree lighting ceremony at Universal Studios Grinchmas Whobilation.

Coffee-free highs and lows


HIGH:  I’ve had neither aches nor pains.

LOW:  I’ve just been a worthless automaton.

I’m starting to think this whole no-coffee experiment is entirely overrated. Obviously, I can’t function properly without it. I’ve literally crumpled over multiple times in my chair the last few days. I know exercise will wake me up, but there’s zero energy to even go for a walk.

Maybe I’ll bust out some squats in the office a little later. Must carry on…

Coffee … it’s what’s for dinner


And breakfast.
And lunch.

It’s a sad day to realize you have a problem, and sadder still when that problem is something as innocuous as drinking too much coffee. This black tar has become my go-to drink. I’ll drink more cups of coffee than water in a given day. That’s just not right.

So I’m weaning myself off for a good minute.

Today is my first non-coffee day. There’s no deadline or timeline, though I’d like to make it a full week. I’ll report back any health, mood or behavioral changes experienced …