Monthly Archives: September 2012

Running progress: 57%

Three-quarters of the year is almost done, and yet I’m ahead on my 2012 resolution progress.

Like most of you, I’m sure, I had lofty goals in January. Eat clean. Get organized. Read every book ever published. Reverse global warming. End childhood poverty. Cure ____.

One of the few goals I made that was manageable and measurable was to run 273 miles this year. That’s one extra mile from what I ran in 2011. But it’s also 227 miles less than the ultimate goal — 500 miles.

Well, today, I’d like to share that I have resolved!!

So far in 2012 I’ve run 285 miles.

Way to rock, me. Pat on the back, me. 

Keep going, me. Though you met that goal, I still have 215 miles left to run in the next 3+ months. The image above is a screen shot from my Daily Mile challenge. I’m waaaaaaayyy far down in 20th place. And I’ve got my eyes set on the teens. I hope to tackle that runner by the weekend.


Soccer rankings and fairness: Unlikely bedfellows

I’ve been MIA from this blog since Mexico won Olympic gold. I could have talked about my conflicted feelings about the US-Mexico friendly last month, and how a long-standing home advantage came to an end. I could have talked about the dynamics of the US calling a good number of Mexican-Americans that play professionally in Mexico. I could have written about the screening of Gringos at the Gate I saw last weekend.

Nope. What brings me back, with a fiery vengeance are the FIFA rankings!

According to the idiots over at FIFA, Mexico’s performance last month was worth a 3-spot tumble, out of the Top 20. We are squarely in No. 21. Of course, these figures don’t reflect the Olympic run. But it does count a win against Honduras, and that stupid friendly loss to the U.S. at Estadio Azteca.

I’ve railed against FIFA rankings before so I won’t bother with the point-by-point dissection of this travesty. Instead, I’ll offer outside proof that FIFA is totally disconnected from reality.

According to wonderfully smart people around the the web, Mexico is firmly in the Top 10. ELO has them in 9th place and ESPN’s power index does them one better with 8th place.

With a 13-point swing, whose rankings are more accurate? FIFA can redeem itself next month. TRI won both its World Cup qualifiers against Costa Rica. That should be worth a Top 20.

PHOTO: Fan at Estadio Azteca during Sept. 11 WCQ against Costa Rica. Courtesy miselección Facebook page.