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When you face plant off the Paleo wagon

I’ve dipped my toe in the Paleo waters. And after screaming Bloody Murder! You won’t take my cheese!!! I calmed downed and relented. It’s a choice. I chose. I can’t be that mad.

I was doing pretty well for a couple of months. I even surprised myself, considering all my Mexican staples were verboten — cheese, rice, beans, corn, tortillas. I joked about making a Mexican Paleo Recipe Book. That idea quickly fizzled after realizing it would just be pages and pages of fajitas and lettuce cups.

My strict adherence gave way to cheat meals, then cheat days, finally cheat weekends.

Today, I’m half paleo, which means I’m not paleo.

I don’t feel as well as I used to and it isn’t the guilt. My body got used to zero refined foods and it’s not at all happy when I steal away a chocolate croissant.

….which leads me to my current predicament — Spring/Summer 2012

It’s the season of barbecues and picnics and baseball games. How the hell do you stay paleo at a baseball game? Seriously, not rhetorical. And don’t give me any bs about packing your own snacks. That’s just not the kind of girl I am. This week, I face planted off Paleo and I didn’t even care. (In text citation: Dodgers won. Suck it, Giants)

Since I scarfed it down quickly, here’s my meal in pictures from around the web.

The Dodger Dog
Paleo Confessions: bun, ketchup
Paleo Approved: hot dog (not likely, but oh well), mustard


Paleo Confessions: legumes
Paleo Approved: absolutely nothing, huh


Camacho’s Asada Nachos
Paleo Confessions: tortilla chips, nacho cheese, sour cream, beans
Paleo Approved: guacamole! and carne asada!


Paleo Confessions: Blue Moon
Paleo Approved: Orange slice (Thank god, for that floating bit of fruit!)

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