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The Post-Race Bagel. Oh, how I’ll miss thee

A little less than a month ago, I went drastic with my diet. I cut out breads, grains, legumes and dairy products. I’m taking the Paleo challenge, and though I was really pissed at having to do without pizza and peanut butter, I’ve managed to keep my head afloat. I am allowed bacon, after all.

The biggest challenge I faced came yesterday as I was running in the LA Marathon. First off, my routine pre-race breakfast included a slice of bread (not allowed) with peanut butter (not allowed) and banana (allowed). I switched it up and ended up noshing on banana and a handful of almonds. Not nearly as filling. I need my carbs. I swore my stomach was growling before I even began running.

Secondly, and more importantly, my favorite part about running in races is finishing. I love not running so much that I’m all smiles at the finish line (even when previous photogs have caught me giving them the evil eye). What’s not to love? You get a mylar blanket, medal and bombarded with food and drink. There’s water and Gatorade. More bananas and fruit cups and energy bars… and my personal favorite — BAGELS! God, how I love post-race bagels. I’d always walk out of the finisher’s area, arms overflowing with goodies and bagel in mouth.

Yesterday, after I finished my leg of the charity relay, I got slightly depressed at all the stuff I couldn’t eat. No granola bars or pretzels or Gold fish or bagels (sniff sniff).

Ok Paleo-ists, I’m open to some race eating insights because stupid bananas don’t seem so cool now.

PHOTOS (from top): Gorgeous day for a run in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 18. Mother Nature apparently likes runners since it didn’t rain at all during the race (though was still nippy during bits of it); All those bagels for all those runners who don’t know how good they have it.



A good 24-hour period of my weekend was ripe for a screenplay. Working title: EAT PLAY ROCK.

Friday night’s itinerary seemed pretty simple. Head to downtown, pick up a friend and go see the LACMA rock. Then, get some kickass grub before seeing a (pushing my nerd glasses up) adaptation of Sophocles’ Electra.

I guess I should have put my nerdy caveat at the beginning of that paragraph since the jury is still out if chasing down a 340-ton megalith as it makes its way from Riverside County to Miracle Mile through an engineering feat is “exciting” or not.

Since we live in Los Angeles, the night started off late. Stuck in traffic. I picked up my friend behind schedule. Then, we suffered through both street and freeway traffic to head down Figueroa for the city’s newest celebrity. Like all celebrities, it was larger than life and traveled with its own entourage. After a quickie photo session, we were back on our way towards downtown—in need of a bathroom and without a dollar to spend on a hold-me-over bacon-wrapped hot dog. (Adding to frustration: I noticed too late I did have enough cash for some grub.)

And as my passenger’s mood got snippier (low blood sugar, she claims), I kept driving towards downtown. We needed to make up a lot of time lost with the blasted rock. Where did we finally eat? Carl’s Jr in Lincoln Heights.

Ate too fast and took some wrong turns, but made it to the theater, which was presenting Electricidad, a chola-fied version of the story of Electra, mourning the death of her father Agamemnon at the hands of her mother Clytemnestra (*Nerd Alert: Electra has been a fascination among many playwrights. This looks at Sophocles’ version. If so inclined, here’s a good link with classical comparisons).

The EAT portion was redeemed the following evening at an exciting new downtown eatery — UMAMIcatessen on Broadway and 9th. We resigned ourselves to the waiter who told us what to order from cocktails to dessert. I snacked on some pig ears with brainnaise (?), potato knishes and a truffle beet salad (mmmm….)

Takeaways of the night:
— If a plan seems really simple and too good to be true, it probably is.
— Heading to a new place? Mapquest that shit first.
— Carl’s Jr is like manna from heaven when you’re about ready to pass out.
— Quote of the weekend: “Don’t bite it, bitch” (Reaching a hand out to crazy sister, chola-turned-nun Iphigenia in Electricidad)
— If it tastes like a crispy bacon fries, don’t ask questions and just enjoy it.

More useful information:
Luis Alfaro’s Electricidad will be playing just a handful more nights at the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts (March 17 is closing night).

If you’re into LA culture, Greek tragedies or homeboys, check them out. Great show in intimate environment. It’s not that often that you laugh your ass off during a tragedy (for all the right reasons).

*Oh, and proceeds go to Homeboy Industries.

Hills are cramping my style

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was recapping my horrendous Pasadena run and, simultaneously, vowing to do a better job of preparing for future races.

It actually wasn’t that long ago. Like two weeks ago.

So how’s it possible that I’m already woefully behind in training for another race? I have 12 days left before LA Marathon (1/2).

Now, I’m behind in mileage and waging uphill battles both literally and figuratively. And only in my world does a 10-mile recovery run turn into 6.5 miles of crap, cramps and cursing. Damn hills. I’m going to call it: Hills are overrated. Who needs them?

Another Mexican superstition

Mexico is a land of great traditions, customs and, yes, a little superstitions. What?! Don’t look at me that way. Evil Eye!

After last night, I’m ready to add a new item to the list — never play international fut (friendly or otherwise) on a Leap Day. You know what? Don’t even play domestic. Take the day off. Pretend it’s not even there, like most other years. There’s nothing special about Feb. 29.

Last night, two Mexican teams played. In two games, both teams lost — by two. In February (2). Let’s go ahead and add the number 2 to the list of bad juju. And maybe our goalies shouldn’t wear all blue either. (See Memo above against Colombia and Liborio Sanchez below flopping around the floor.)

Mini Recaps

Mex 0 – Col 2
Memo failed to get a good hold on the ball, which led to a tap-in goal by Radamel Falcao in the 37th minute. Juan Cuadrado made it 2-0 in the second half. Mexico played hard, but lost steam. They had control of the ball often, but couldn’t convert.

Mex 0 – USA 2
USA went up in the 35th minute with a goal by Juan Agudelo. And the second goal came about a minute later by Mix Diskerud, who set up Agudelo’s goal. This was a friendly between the u-23 teams, leading up to Olympic qualifying play that starts later this month.

PHOTOS: Unlucky blue-clad Mexican goalies Memo Ochoa and Liborio Sanchez.