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Oh captain, my captain


Thanks to HD and ability to pause live TV, I bring you this evidence. Look who’s wearing the captain’s armband…



Been too long: Mexico national soccer finally back

Mexico begins its 2012 season and its road to the World Cup 2014 tonight with a friendly against Venezuela in Houston. Since 1938, Mexico has never lost to Venezuela (7 wins, 2 ties). But, the winds are changing in South America and Venezuela should not be taken lightly. Chepo, take note. When a dominant team enters a competition with swagger galore, the team that’s most-written-off is the one that’s out to prove itself. They’re the Cinderellas. They inspire motion pictures. March madddness, anyone?

Enough of sports crossover analogies. Back to my footy obsession.

Mexico called up a completely domestic team to kick off the new year. There’s no Chicharito, no Gio, no Memo, no Rafa (note: There actually is a Rafa Marquez but he’s not The Rafa Marquez). All the players currently play in Mexico’s league and are mostly a bunch of young’uns.

And guess who that includes??? A personal favorite and Hot Goalie member — Chuy Corona. You know, head-butting dude.

“I feel great joy and pride. Now, I know you have to maintain a good level… it’s a big responsibility to wear the team jersey,” Corona said (Read more at Univision or via Google Translate).

Here’s some game info for those interested in seeing it. (Keep me in the loop since I’ll probably be watching the Laker v. Clipper action tonight. Just kidding… I’ll flip channels)

PHOTO (from top): Taken by me during World Cup 2010 in South Africa; Chuy Corona standing proud pre-head-butting.