The Tragedy of SPARE-TA: Who’s who?

As announced earlier, The Tragedy of Spare-Ta!: A comedy of errors will be published here in installments. The begin, we have the cast of characters and setting.



THE ONEDER       Unofficial leader of the This is Spare-Ta! bowling team. Always surprised to find team in second place and willing to do just about anything to keep them from falling from grace.

TUMULTY              Member of This is Spare-Ta! Though bowling with one of the lightest balls, has steadily become the “one to watch” on the team.

MERRITT               Member of This is Spare-Ta! Older than the rest, awkward and has no previous ties to them. They were grouped together in the second week and has realized that the only reason THE ONEDER and TUMULTY let him live is because he’s an above-average bowler.

HIP CHIMP            Leader of WPS Pay Roll, a rival bowling team.

OL’ REICHY           Member of WPS Pay Roll. He’s prone to sauntering up to the lanes and fits of laughter for no apparent reason.

THE INTERNATIONAL    Member of WPS Pay Roll. The tall, silent type who will surprise others (and himself) with knocked-out frames.

RAINMAKER         Cheerleader for WPS Pay Roll.

BRANDIFER          Member of Strike Specialists, a bowling team. She has bowling in her genes and recently got a 185.

E. BAGGESEY        Member of Strike Specialists. Currently shy of a 100-point average, her biggest fumbles are foot faults.

CHRIS                    The Dude at the alley who talks about form and balance and reading books on bowling. He also collects the money.

NICOLE                 Most important character in the play. She provides alcohol.



AMF Lanes, Mar Vista, Wednesday night (April 6, 2011 to be precise) The following action takes place in three and a half hours during the weekly rookie bowling league. Eight teams have been competing since late February. Some just go for the good times. Some are there to perfect their form and take down their better-skilled progenitor. Some are out for blood.


UP NEXT: The battle lines are drawn between two rival teams. . .


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