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The universe is trying to teach me patience

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the stars just won’t align in your favor. The finishing touches on my room makeover are on hold because I couldn’t find drawer pulls in the right size. Makeshift furniture is acting like a T.V. stand. Clothes are packed up in suitcases. Milk crate provide convenient storage.

I placed an order online and was waiting for them to arrive… any day now… to pull the look together. That’s until I got this email:

Thank you for your recent order. Part of your order has already been shipped to you and is on its way. However, due to the popularity of the items that you ordered, part of your order is currently out of stock and is backordered. As soon as we get your items from the manufacturer we will ship it out to you immediately.

Due to the popularity??? How can my items be popular??? No one carries that size! If they did, then I wouldn’t have been forced to pay more to special order them. If they were popular, they would have been in stock at Lowe’s or Home Depot or any other cabinet store I called.

Why I oughta…. ((muttering under my breath))

What’s worse is they’re shipping seven. Seven! 7!! They had seven in stock and I need eight. I have to wait on ONE backordered pull before I can finish that dresser, that room, that project. umm… lame.


my Kinky dream

I have pretty vivid dreams and I love the fact that I can remember them most mornings. This last one was no exception. Now, I’m not trying to be deep about meaning. I also don’t want to analyze my recurring nightmare of teeth cracking like icebergs. Sometimes you have a dream and it’s meaning is pretty self-explanatory. Take, for example, last night’s.

I was part of a professional painting crew. My peeps were contracted to redo the studio/home of Mexican alt rock/electronica band Kinky. We were all excited to get such a big commission. Some more than others. Ok, there were groupies in my crew. Not me. I kept it cool. I kept it professional until I had to ditch them to pick up the crew leader’s son from his swimming class. ((Here’s where the dream veers to surreal because I had to drive the car into the pool for the kid to swim up to his seat.))

Back to painting, back to Kinky. On the drive back, I realized that I had an awesome opportunity to talk to one of the band members about the accordion. After some wrong turns and shady city diversions, I made my way back to studio/home (with kid in tow) to ask said dude about the accordion.

To my shock and dismay, my crew hadn’t painted a single wall. They were going Kinky crazy!!!

Obviously, this means:

A) My priorities are skewed bc I should be throwing myself at some musicians instead of prioritizing paint and jumpsuits.

B) It’s time to get my squeezebox on!

Feet hurt from all that (not)running I’ve done

With all the excitement of the holidays and my other objectives (ie… an all-consuming reno job), my training sort of took a back seat to everything else. Now that we’ve started 2010 and all I have to do is wait on some special-order hardware, I can refocus on my running. Let’s not forget I’m training for the LA Marathon in March. (That reminds me… I should sign up soon)

The first thing I did was buy some new shoes. My Asics Gel Kayano 15s were on its last tread. I love those shoes, but they’re like $1,000 and on sale roughly $990. Then, I went looking for the Asics GT-2140s. But my size wasn’t available on clearance. That’s how I ended up with the shoes seen above–Asics GT-2150. These brand new shoes without a discount were still $30 cheaper than last year’s Kayanos. Sheesh!

Let’s be serious for a minute. The following is what I was supposed to run in December:

  • Week 1: 11 miles
  • Week 2: 5 miles
  • Week 3: 13 miles
  • Week 4: 6 miles

The following is what I ended up running in December:

  • Week 1: 13 miles (Vegas ½ marathon)
  • Week 2: 4 miles
  • Week 3: 0 miles
  • Week 4: 5 miles

According to the schedule I had to run 15 miles this weekend. I was barely able to scrape together 12 miles… and that was thanks to an act of God. Friday rolled around and I wasn’t mentally prepared to run on Saturday, so I decided to postpone until Sunday. Then, on Saturday, I realized I had this pilates class I quite enjoy on Sunday morning and the running was once again bumped to Monday. I set out all my running gear and made sure my alarm would go off early. It did. I woke up at 7 a.m., but decided to ignore it. As I lay in bed contemplating the worst that could happen if I didn’t run another week, the guilt sank in deeper and deeper… but not deep enough to ply me out of bed. That’s when I decided I would run later in the day. And by the grace of God, I followed through on that one… I got my 12 miles in just over 2:30 in the twilight hours as the coyotes and weirdos come out to play.

After rearranging my training schedule again, I think I’m back on track for the marathon. Next week, it’s 15 miles or bust.

2010 Resolutions

I could have made this post a couple days ago, but I know myself. I would have rung in 2010 with all this fanfare about keeping my resolutions and halfway through Jan. 1, I’d have already messed up.

Now that we are more than one day into the new year and I still haven’t messed up on my resolutions, I feel confident in sharing them today.

Resolution No. 1: Read 30 new books.

Over a year ago, I came across a statistic that said the average Mexican read less than one book a year. Then, I saw that great progress had been made to about 2.3 books. Now, I’ve read something that has slashed the average to 0.5 a year! Yeah, the numbers vary a lot but the message is clear–the average Mexican does not read a lot and when they do, it’s probably TVyNovelas.

In order to reach my 30-book goal, I have to read a new book every 12 days. It’s totally doable. It will be a hodgepodge of genres–fiction, memoirs, short stories, epics, tragedies/comedies, plays, graphic novels. This is a good opportunity for me to catch up on all my reading. The only problem is I’m not considering magazines and I also have to catch up on a backlog of New Yorkers…oops.

I have 10 days left to start the year off right…with a promising graphic novel…Promethea.

Resolution No. 2: Run 500 miles.

It seems like a huge amount but it’s roughly less than 10 miles a week. I know there will be days, or weeks even, when I don’t want to run an inch. I’m planning to offset those with the times I run more than 15 miles. As long as I’m training for something (like a marathon or 1/2 marathon), I should be able to keep up with this. And, honestly, if I’m not training for anything, I have no desire/need/inclination to run.

Yesterday, I ran 2.32 miles. It sucked. I was dehydrated from the night before and had only eaten a handful of m&ms and apple slices. Healthy, I know. I also realized just how hilly my neighborhood actually is though it should not have surprised me since I live in West Hills.

Resolution No. 3: Eat kosher.

Oy vey… I don’t know why I decided this would be a good one. My love of bacon alone is enough for me to renege before the first 24 hours. But, surprise, surprise… I made it more than a day and a meal. I have the basic guidelines and was able to steer clear of meat and dairy combinations. I believe eating kosher will be a daily exercise in discipline, which I desperately need.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to have a proper send-off for the forbidden food. Turkey bacon is not as appetizing. Shrimp cocktails are a perfect summer refreshment. The Galician Scallops are perfection at one of the best tapas restaurants in Southern California… La Luna Negra. I think I have to take a day and indulge in these delicacies. But, I know that if I do, the guilt will set in immediately.

Woe is me!