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The Devil lives in the 1/2-inch details

Well, just like the title of this post suggests, I am living in my own personal DIY hell. Let’s put aside the fact that my once all-powerful purple color is disappointing me and turning out a wonderfully bright, vibrant shade of pink. I have nothing against pink (fuchsia, even). Those who know me know I love pink. The brighter the better. I’ve even worn my fair share of bright pink bridesmaid dress (which I loved). The problem is that I wanted PURPLE. Enough of that…

Here’s the main problem: My 40-year-old dresser is so old and stubborn that it refuses to cooperate in any attempt to bring it into the 21st century. First, it gives me grief on the color. Now, it’s the hardware.

When I dreamed of reinventing this behemoth, I wanted a bright, sleek purple color with similarly sleek polished chrome hardware. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently so… The standard for drawer pulls is 3″ and mine are 3.5″. I’ve been to Home Depot and Lowes. They have very nice pulls in stock that are either 3″ or 4″, but nothing in the middle. I even considered special ordering them, but the size doesn’t exist in their catalog. I did, however, find one design in 3.5″. Not only do I not know how much they cost (I’ll need eight!), but it’s a far cry from what I envisioned.

Wanted this

May settle for this

Of course another option would be to cover the holes and drill new 3″ ones. Doable, yes, but way above my skill level. Either way I doubt this project will be done before the new year… bummer.

Look at these ugly things. They’ll be stuck on my purple dresser until I find a permanent solution.


Is there a cooler color in the world???

Many, many months ago, I saw this commercial and got totally inspired by the “after” purple project (around 19 seconds). It just so happens that I have a very old dresser (at least 4 decades) that needs some sprucing.


Little paint goes long way

With all the hours I’ve logged watching HGTV and DIY shows, I would have thought a simple new coat of paint in my bedroom would be a cinch. Use fanning strokes for complete coverage. Don’t be afraid of edges. Tape is everyone’s friend. I’d be in and out in one day… yeah right!

After two hours of rolling Granite Grey paint on the walls, I was done. I was down for the count. My head hurt. My stomach ached. My arms were sore. I managed spotty coverage on just one wall and the last thing I wanted to do was finish. I’ll take responsibility for starting at 4 p.m. and losing steam early… but that’s it.

Day Two, Dec. 23:

Started earlier in the day… around 8 a.m. First thing I did was tape the ceiling. My erratic brush strokes along the edge don’t make for nice clean lines. Since I had such a crappy time with the roller the day before, Day 2 would begin with painting corners and crevices. That was fun for about a wall. Then, tedious. Ditched the brush and went back to the roller. Pissed paint isn’t going on as well. Actually wondered if I should have bought more than one gallon. Crawled on hands and knees to reach the bottom. Stood on stool for the top. Teetered and braced myself on the wall. Nice, wet wall. Got more Granite Grey on me than wall. When finally covered all four walls with some paint, took a break.

Watched The Hangover.

Returned for second coat. Realized it was just as time-consuming as first since my handiwork was threadbare. Planning to call it a day around 6 p.m. but then mom said I better finish and clean up my mess by Christmas Eve.

Went out for trim paint. Bought Glidden’s Granite Grey at Home Depot, but went to Lowe’s instead. It was closer. Took paint chip. Chose Valspar paint in Snow Cap. Waited 20 minutes for paint department. Found out quart cost $13. Said “Fuck it. Give me two $2.97 samples instead.” Went to pay. Forgot wallet at home. An hour later realized trip would have been quicker at Home Depot. Taped walls. Took off door!! Started painting trim. Dawned on me that I will make mom’s deadline.

Day Three, Dec. 24:

Gave the trim along the floor and door frame a second coat. Started on the closet. Remembered that I read somewhere tape should be removed before paint is completely dry. Bracing for my big tada! moment. Little disappointed–edges not as clean. More disappointed–managed to paint past the border of the tape. Spent an hour touching up ceiling, walls and trim.

When everything was dry, moved most of the junk back into the room. Now onto new project and whole reason why I decided to paint room grey… purple dresser.

Can you guess which color I chose?

What happens in Vegas… is shared here (well, not everything)

I was lucky enough to knock off one thing from the ever-growing list. I have completed a half marathon… not just any half marathon the inaugural Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ marathon. I’m sure what I’m about to write is common knowledge to almost everyone—running 13+ miles without training is hard, even if you’ve already run 26 within the last month and a half. Surprising, right?

In full disclosure, I did train a little after the marathon, but I waited two weeks afterwards to start running again, only ran up to 9 miles and didn’t run a single mile the week before the race.

But, back to the race…

It was freezing. So cold I feared for my life. I knew it was going to be cold. Tis December in the desert. I had planned on layers. I had arm warmers, my racing shirt, a toasty fleece, gloves and ear warmers. Half of that was left in the car. Why? Because traffic was ridiculous. By the time I parked my car, I had mere minutes to get to the race line. I ditched the gloves and fleece and told myself it would be OK as long as I jogged in place.

You know when it’s so cold it hurts your chest bc you’re clutching for an ounce of warmth? I was beyond that. I seriously thought I was going to die. I got no break. Even when the race started, it took an eternity (~40 min) for me and all the back-of-the-packers to make our way to the start line.

The view from the start blew my mind. Show girls, white tigers, a Blues Brothers-esque band taking the stage built over the boulevard. There were some other highlights that I didn’t get to see or hear… like the parachuting Elvi, a Celine Dion impersonator singing the national anthem.

Once it got started and the sun rose, I started to warm up and appreciate the fact that I was running in the middle of the Vegas strip with all these other crazy freaks. There were people with their Elvis costumes, couples getting married, Vikings fans dressed as running cheerleaders, orange-shirted charity runners. Yes, the neon and sparkle is what makes the city view so memorable. The effect is the same in the morning hours. It’s cleaner and crisper… that is until you get to Circus Circus which just looks shadier (like child molestor shady) in the daylight.

The best part about race day was post-run. Took a warm bath, nap at Lady Pow Pow(ers)’ pad. Ate an amazing Kobe beef burger. Saw The Lion King, seated third row center, for $25! Drank my dessert at the Peppermill. My participation this weekend was part of history. I knocked off an item on my to-do list. I ran in the first-ever Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll. I ran in the biggest race in Nevada with more than 27,000 other people.

All in all, a good start. And check out that medal. It’s big and weighty and glitters.

Oh, and Rock ‘n’ Roll is coming to Los Angeles next year.

Who’s with me?